How to Sell Stock

How to Sell Stock in 3 Easy Steps

  • 1.Join us

    You must be a Kraas Images member before you can begin to contribute.
    No biggie, its free.

  • 2. Apply to be a Contributor

    Click the "Become a Contributor" button for the Contributor Agreement and our Submissions Guidelines. Once you've signed and understood, return the agreement to

  • 3. Submit your work

    After you've submitted your documents you'll be asked to submit twenty original samples of your work. We want to see your very best works. Your work will be reviewed and posted to Kraas Images. 

  • Be part of History

    In August 2010, we had this crazy idea to start a Caribbean focused library of stock images.
    Kraas Images officially started in September 2012 and is honoured to be Jamaica's first stock photography agency.

  • Grow with Kraas Images

    Reach your potential by challenging yourself with a blend of hard work and creativity to produce income for your creativity.

  • How much does a contributor make/what is the royalty structure?

    Kraas Images pays contributors a royalty rate of at least 70% for each file purchased.